Writing is Tough

In past articles (Checkout my Inkslinger category for more writing blog posts) I alluded to how easy it is to write and publish. Today, I will play Devil’s advocate and tell you just how tough it is.

When I wrote my first book, it was essentially a timeline of my life. It started out as a journal of sorts and then worked its way into a book. However, it didn’t just come flowing out of me in a matter of hours or even days. It took years. And, it was hard work. Spewing forth words isn’t tough, it’s the assembly and management of those words to compile them into something readable and enjoyable by others. This was the challenge for me.

I wrote an hour or two each day for months on end. Then I would go through and adjust parts. After a couple of years of this, I had my book.

The second book, Decrypted, was just as crazy. It was different, because I didn’t live the story. This one was tough on another level. But, it did sort of flow out of me. I didn’t know what would happen at the end of each chapter, because I had a slim outline at best (more of a skeleton). Most of the story surprised me as I wrote it. The tough part of this one was simply staying in the game. It took a butt-load of motivation and willpower just to keep writing it.

A few chapters in I found a local writing group. This was an immense help! I mean, I was meeting weekly with like-minded folks who asked me regularly, “How far did you get this week?” This was a challenge and I struggled some, but mostly it helped me. They also asked for chapters to read so they could give me advice and feedback. This helped me as well, because I felt compelled to have something complete for them on a weekly basis.

Now I’m working on my third book, Weapon 67, and I’ve found a whole new problem. The problem is, I have four books (Weapon 67, a young adult fantasy, and two non-fiction) in my head. I’m struggling again, but for a different reason. This time, I find it nearly impossible to stay focused on the one book. I have so many ideas popping around in my head, and that is driving me mad!

So you see… Each book has had a different set of problems and challenges. However, there is one common theme: None of them were/are easy.

I imagine that my next book will have some additional complications, but one things remains for me… I love writing. And, for this very reason, I will continue to do so, despite (or in spite of) the fact that it is hard to do.

This article wasn’t meant to scare you away. More like a reality check. Writing is awesome and spiritually fulfilling. It is something magical. But, let’s not kid each other..

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. Writing is tough. I merely wanted to point that out.

Who among us loves writing, or has thought about writing? Please share your insight and experiences.

Mr. V

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  1. Thank you so much for these tips.I’m working on a book and I believe that after it’s written it’s also equally challenging to find a publisher to publish it, and then promoted it.
    I finished the first book,self published, second book I want to find a publisher.
    It will be a long long road!
    Thanks for a reality check,encouragement and great tips!
    Luv cuz

    • My pleasure! Good luck with finding a publisher. You’re right, it’s is very tough to publish and then promote your book. Writing it is only one piece of the pie!