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Dear friends,

I hope you have a fantastic holiday season!

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Now let’s address something health related and get mucho more than merry wishes out of this post: It’s flu and cold season… Do you know why?

Well, I’m no doctor, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this one out

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. Let’s think about a few things.

Near the end of November we celebrate Thanksgiving. During this time, we stuff ourselves with food and most of us drink alcohol. This is the beginning of a long and immune system derailing celebration that continues through much of the winter.

Honestly, we could go back to October 31st and think about the massive amounts of candy (horrible carbohydrates) that we poison our systems with. Also, during October, the temperature drops significantly.

Next, we add the stress of Thanksgiving. Yes, many of us actually build up stress before, during, and after Thanksgiving. Most of this stress is related to getting together with family. Stress has been proven to weaken our immune system, so I included it in my list.

While we’re thinking about stress, what about the stress that is associated with buying Christmas presents, Christmas parties, and simply dealing with others during the silly season.

Around Christmas (and other holidays) we continue to eat and drink way beyond our normal amounts.

So… How do we thank our bodies after Christmas and Thanksgiving? we stay up past midnight eating and drinking for New Year’s Eve!

Think about the copious amounts of (bad) food we eat during this period. Think about the cold and often wet weather. Think about the large amounts of stress. Think about all of the alcohol that many of us imbibe. And, think about the stress that’s piled on top of all of this. If you add all of these things together, you can easily see why people get sick during this time of year.

I can offer a tiny piece of advice to help. Lessen your food and candy intake. Cut off drinking alcohol after your second drink in any 24 hour period. And, enjoy yourself without stressing over everything.

Easy? Not so much… Doable? You betcha!

Enjoy yourself, be safe, and love your family and friends!

Mr. V

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  1. Point well spoken I completely agree. On the occasion when I might overindulge my body always lets me know. You can learn to tune in to what your body is telling you or you can ignore it. This is when I get out the herb teas to do my body flush this includes flushing my blood and flush my liver and flush my intestines. Then my body responds to me by feeling very good again these periodic flushes can be of great benefit . my gallbladder in particular fills with sludge as the Dr called it a good regiment of milk thistle capsules for a week or two helps my gallbladder feel much better. The same is true for the blood system and the intestines.

  2. Great advice to stop yourself after 2 for all but the most special occasions. My experience is that my enjoyment at the end of the day isn’t much different, but my hangover is.

    To support this I’ve been seeking n/a drinks which mimic the ritual of another one, as the ritual of slowly enjoying and sharing a drink with friends is half the fun. Seltzer, Shirley temples and N/A beers all seem to fit the bill.

  3. Tyler Durdin UMD says

    How to enjoy the work pot-luck luncheon:

    1) Bring a bean salad. Listen to the boss go “Which one of you bozo’s brought this healthy stuff? Don’t you know it’s a holiday party!?!”
    2) Eat too much of the bean salad, sweet potatoes and eggplant to be able to do more than try one of the cakes. Consult carefully with multiple sources before picking that one choice, to make sure it was worth it (cranberry-walnut cake FTW).
    3) Wash it down with an espresso, black (splash of Sambucca optional)
    4) Proceed on to pour and ferry drinks for everyone else