Is World War III Coming

Let’s kick this discussion off by revealing that I normally do not post about political situations. That said, I believe that we are about to go to war with another country (Syria), which in turn will potentially put us at war with a number of other countries. And, because I believe that war affects us in countless ways (including health, wealth, lifestyle, mental attitude, and so on) it’s high time to tackle this tough subject…

You should all know (this is my disclaimer of sorts) that I am an armchair philosopher who gets much of his information from the media; which we all know is biased in one direction or another (sometimes multiple directions at the same time). This post is merely based on my opinion, thoughts, and observations. Don’t expect that any of my predictions hold weight, let alone have a chance of coming true. I’m merely pointing out a few things based on my calculations.

One thing is fairly certain… We are going to attack Syria in retaliation for the deaths of more than 100,000 citizens. Many of those deaths occurred recently and were allegedly caused by chemical weapons. The Syrian Arab Republic is 71,500 square miles (roughly the size of Washington State) with a population of ~20 million (give or take 2 million, considering the refugees who are fleeing the country as you read this article). The current border of Syria was created back in circa 1920s after World War I.

Syria has been in a civil war for more than two years now. Essentially, protesters demanded the resignation of President Bashar al-Assad (whose family has held the presidency in Syria since 1971) and the Syrian Army was deployed to “control” the protesters. During these two plus years of rebel verses government fighting, more than 100,000 people have been killed. Along with the deaths, there are also reports of widespread torture, rape, and tens of thousands of missing people.

Russia and Iran are both supporting the Syrian government. And, this year Hezbollah entered the war in support of the Syrian army. That conglomeration speaks volumes to me!!!

It is believe that Syria has the third-largest stockpile of chemical weapons in the world. During last month, they allegedly attacked the civilian population and killed more than 1,400 people with this latest chemical attack (more than 400 of them children). The U.S. government claims to have witnessed the entire attack and by intercepting communications. Also, U.N. inspectors corroborate the reports after returning from a recent inspection.

At this stage, President Obama has said that with congressional backing (which he appears to be getting at this time), he will attack Syria. It is assumed that the attacks will begin in three or four days. I’m wondering if some of the countries who have promised to retaliate on behalf of Syria are going to follow through with their threats. Among the front of these aggressors are Russia and Iran. Iran has plainly stated that they will attack Israel if the U.S. does anything to Syria, and they have revealed war ships to emphasize their point.

Who (what countries) would be involved if this police action becomes war? This is by no means a full listing of every country involved, but it does contain many of the key players. In my opinion most (if not all) of the following countries would become involved within a very short period of time… United Kingdom, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Egypt, Libya, Russia, and China. I dunno about you, but that is some serious world power in that list… And, it scares me to think about this many opposing views and angles mixed up in this little skirmish.

Another question I have is: Will Canada, Tunisia, India, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, North Korea, Japan, and Germany also be involved in this “war?” If even a small number of these countries join in, I feel we will be headed directly into World War III.

Finally, while all of this stuff is going on, who’s watching Mexico? Clearly while we (the United States) are spreading ourselves so thinly around the world a big problem is amassing in Mexico! Am I the only one who thinks that Mexico is primed for a U.S

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. invasion? I mean these guys look worse than Vietnam to me! Mexican drug cartels and gangs are having war-ish battles with the government and sometimes they appear to be winning… I feel it is simply a matter of time before we determine that a Mexico invasion is our only option. On top of that, the Mexican government might even ask us to invade!!!

Wow! That was quite a tangent…

Well, today’s article got a bit around the entire world. And, hopefully it was interesting. Sorry for the tirade… I am not only curious, but also worried about the current state of affairs.

In my opinion the common denominator here (and possible root cause) is the world’s failing economy and horrendous lack of strong (good) politicians. Are our morals going out the window??

What do you believe? And, what do you think will happen over the next ten years around the world?

Thanks for listening, and now please comment!


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City Boy with Cowboy Heart

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. My boots are only part of the story. I also ride a Harley Davidson Fat Bob; which I refer to as my city steed. These things are all reminders to me of my code. You see, I really was born and raised in the city, but my heart and soul go back to a different time… The time of the cowboy. I am a huge fan of the Wild West. Even my mobile phone ringtone is from The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly; which is my favorite western movie.

When you think of a cowboy you often attribute the term to determination, grit, firmness, chivalrous, rough around the edges, polite, strong, patient, tough, gentle, nerves of steel, courageous, steady, plucky, gallant, and the list goes on. That’s exactly what I think, and what I strive for in myself. My boots, my Harley, and my ringtone are simply reminders of who I am, and what I stand for.

In this day and age it is often tough to find someone with an ounce of chivalry. It hurts my feelings to see someone standing on an elevator inch backwards and try to hide from people approaching. Even worse is the huffing, puffing, and sighing I hear from folks on the elevator with me when I reach my arm out to stop the elevator doors from closing to wait for someone to join us. I mean, is it really that horrible to wait an extra three seconds to allow someone access to your elevator?? I hold building and car doors open for others too. And, if I had a hat I would tip it when I passed folks. On my bicycle rides on the C&O Canal I’m probably known as that weird guy that says “hi” to everyone he passes. HA!

Laugh if you must, or call me silly… But, I will stay the same polite city boy with a cowboy’s heart that I have always been.

I have a challenge for you… The next time you are driving through a parking lot, slow down a hair and really focus on pedestrians. Instead of gunning the engine and racing to get out of their way, try braking and waving them on with a friendly smile. This is especially important on rainy days. Are you up to the task?

Have a great afternoon… *tips hat*


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