City Boy with Cowboy Heart

Checkout my Lucchese boots and my city steed.

I am fond of saying, “I’m a city boy with a cowboy’s heart.” Most folks look at me with a tilted head and wry grin when I make that statement. Usually it’s right after someone notices and questions my cowboy boots. You heard that right … I wear cowboy boots. My goat leather Lucchese (pronounced Lu-K-C) boots are my absolute favorite and I wear them fairly often

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. My boots are only part of the story. I also ride a Harley Davidson Fat Bob; which I refer to as my city steed. These things are all reminders to me of my code. You see, I really was born and raised in the city, but my heart and soul go back to a different time… The time of the cowboy. I am a huge fan of the Wild West. Even my mobile phone ringtone is from The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly; which is my favorite western movie.

When you think of a cowboy you often attribute the term to determination, grit, firmness, chivalrous, rough around the edges, polite, strong, patient, tough, gentle, nerves of steel, courageous, steady, plucky, gallant, and the list goes on. That’s exactly what I think, and what I strive for in myself. My boots, my Harley, and my ringtone are simply reminders of who I am, and what I stand for.

In this day and age it is often tough to find someone with an ounce of chivalry. It hurts my feelings to see someone standing on an elevator inch backwards and try to hide from people approaching. Even worse is the huffing, puffing, and sighing I hear from folks on the elevator with me when I reach my arm out to stop the elevator doors from closing to wait for someone to join us. I mean, is it really that horrible to wait an extra three seconds to allow someone access to your elevator?? I hold building and car doors open for others too. And, if I had a hat I would tip it when I passed folks. On my bicycle rides on the C&O Canal I’m probably known as that weird guy that says “hi” to everyone he passes. HA!

Laugh if you must, or call me silly… But, I will stay the same polite city boy with a cowboy’s heart that I have always been.

I have a challenge for you… The next time you are driving through a parking lot, slow down a hair and really focus on pedestrians. Instead of gunning the engine and racing to get out of their way, try braking and waving them on with a friendly smile. This is especially important on rainy days. Are you up to the task?

Have a great afternoon… *tips hat*


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