Hello World

This is my opening post on Healthy Wealthy Tribe. You might be wondering just what this site is and why I’ve created it… Before I answer that, let’s discuss something fun: Hello, world!


I learned about “Hello, world!” back in circa 1977 when I was ~10 years old. Dad took me into his office and let me play on his office’s PR1ME Computer. I wrote my very first program in FORTRAN and saved it on punched cards. While I cannot remember the precise program I wrote, I know that it looked something like this:

   WRITE (6,7)

After the PR1ME, I did my next “Hello, world!” program using AppleSoft BASIC in circa 1978 on our Apple II+ computer. Later, as my programming wings spread, I learned it in COBOL, Assembly, Java, C, C++, Visual Basic, and several other unmentionable languages.

Get used to this kind of article diatribe, because I tend to stray and discuss fun or funny things from my life experiences.

Now that we’ve discussed what the heck “Hello, world!” means, let’s talk about HealthyWealthyTribe.com

I started my blog, HIVLongevity.com about 4.5 years ago. The idea was to help people either living with, or knowing someone living with HIV and AIDS. My posts have mostly been related to health issues and how to deal with them

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. Recently I realized that my posts are wandering from this topic and entering into “normal” people territory. Since the blog name has me kind of in a niche, I decided to start a new blog to do my inspirational posts for everyone. My plan is to keep the HIV Longevity blog going, and then have everything else in this one.

In the meantime, feel free to bounce around my site some and checkout the “About” page, etc.

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Buckle up, and prepare for a fun ride!

Your faithful source of inspiration and cool ideas,

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About Vaughn Ripley

Vaughn is a happily married daddy, author, and CIO. He is an HIV+ hemophiliac, and is one of the longest surviving HIV+ people in the universe.
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  1. Dan McNally says

    Hello, back at you . . . we heard you the first time!



  2. Michelle Pace says

    Yay this is a great idea!! Looking forward to my enlightenment. You are such an inspiration. Thank you for doing this I appreciate you.

  3. Vaughn you are a dynamic dude alright. Your blog is definitely very interesting. Love of money is anaglouse to ‘attachment’ word used in the ancient Vedantic philosophy. So, it is attachment to any object – be it money, person or alcohol – that causes problems. Attachment is what causes pain and not the object itself.

    • Thanks, Ashok! I can honestly admit to having some attachment issues in my life. But, I’ve spent some time and effort remedying that. I hope you come back and enjoy my philosophizing!