I Need You

This is article number 100. YAY! (mini celebration over silly stuff). Seriously though… I started this blog on July 8, 2013 and haven’t looked back. Here I am, freaking, as I realize that I’ve already written one hundred articles!!! It’s time to evaluate our mission… Look at our goals… Determine if our course remains the same… And, make adjustments as necessary. In short, I need your help building this blog into something even better. YOU are the reason I created this dang thing in the first place. Now I’m asking you for input. Please help me make an even cooler blog.

Our mission with Healthy Wealthy Tribe is: We inspire people to lead extraordinary lives!

Our goals were simple… Help people improve themselves in key areas of life: health (dietary, mental, and fitness), wealth, business (and entrepreneurship), family, writing (I hallucinate that some of you like my writing advice), technology, parenting, and general philosophizing.

Notice that I said “our” not “my.” The simple reason for this is because this blog is bigger than just me

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. It takes you guys and your participation to really turn this into something special.

After careful scrutiny and analyzing the data, I am finding that my blog categories are sort of off-kilter… Let’s look at the statistics:

Health = 30%
Philosophizing (other category) = 26%
Kaizen = 15%
Inkslinger (writing) = 7%
Wealth = 6%
Parenting = 5%
Technology = 5%
Grooming = 4%
Entrepreneurship = 2%

Obviously we are health bent (for leather). Also, the general topic (philosophy is outside our standard categories) has many posts as well. This part is kind of okay for me. However, I’d really like to improve by adding more articles in the other areas. This is where you come in. I’m asking you to comment below and let me know which articles and categories you like (love) reading, and which ones you avoid (God forbid). Also, is there one category that is most important to you?? And, is there some information or story that you’d like to get from me?

Essentially, How can I make my blog even more entertaining and useful to you?

As I said, I need you! Please, let me know how to better serve YOU!!!

Thank you very much for your support, caring, and kind comments!


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