Sunrises and Sunsets

This is a photo of my favorite sunrise … I took this photo at ~4:37 a.m. at 11,412 feet (give or take a foot). It’s just above the Ingraham Flats on Mount Rainier.

Do you take the time to stop and smell the sunrise? I know most folks say “roses,” but I’m more of a sunrise kind of fella. My ride to work takes 61 or more minutes, yet I don’t complain and it flies by. One of the main reasons for this is because I have the pleasure of driving in during the sunrise. On top of that, my drive home often coincides with the sunset. Think about how lucky I am for a moment … That’s right … I get to watch the sun rise and set EVERY SINGLE day! It is a wondrous thing and I do it every day (sometimes twice).

I often send myself a quick email while watching a particularly pretty sunrise or sunset. Mostly I do this because I’d like to remember precisely what I was seeing when I experienced it. Here are a few of my favorite descriptions of ones I’ve witnessed. If you can, try to focus on my words and actually imagine what the sunrise felt and looked like. You may find yourself imagining a most-awesome sunrise!

The angry sky looked more like a war torn battlefield, than a sunset.

Magenta and pink violently fought over control of the sky, while the domineering sun lazily crept into view.

Grey and pink mingled together as the orangish-yellow sun eased above the horizon.

Deep purple and orange came together to create an inspiring red lava field on the pale grey skyline.

Black and grey mixed with burgundy like a tartan pattern on a Scottish kilt.

Before the sun appeared over the horizon, its fiery light illuminated the bottom of some turbulent clouds and made them look more like cotton candy.

A brilliant blue sky preceded the sunrise.

The sunrise enhanced the clouds and made them look like an inverted ocean with rough waves.

The flesh colored sunrise was added-to by the clouds; which formed sensual shapes along the horizon.

The clouds lined up along the horizon as if preparing for battle.

Crimson red glazed the bottoms of a spattering of clouds; which spread across the sky creating bloody faces.

As the sun rose over the horizon, its bright light pierced through the trees and blinded anyone who happened to look east.

My sincere hope is that I inspire and motivate you to take advantage of the beauty that comes with sunrises and sunsets. I challenge you to stop and smell the next sunrise that you are fortunate enough to witness!!!

If you’ve witnessed a neat sunrise and/or sunset and thought about the description, please post that in the comments here.

*The tall dark stranger walks into the sunset*

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